The Third Stage of Labor | The Birth of the Placenta | Grand Rapids Doula and Birth Photographer

Let’s talk about the third stage of labor - the birth of the placenta. Know what to expect during this process, and how to ensure you are set up for postpartum care for down there. The placenta is incredible.

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Motherhood | A New Kind of Newborn Photography | Grand Rapids Birth Photographer

There is something incredibly beautiful to me about the deeply raw, emotional moments of the first few days of motherhood. Life is all snuggles, milk, and eyes welling up. It’s one of the most tender parts of this whole journey. Images of this transformative time are ones that you’ll look back on with reverence, pride, and if you’re like me, you’ll probably cry every time.

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The Story of Annica Marie Essentials

I am so excited to announce a new product line called Annica Marie Essentials!

Now available is a postpartum care package called The Care Bundle. This gift box is full of essential self-care items to get you or a mama you love through the first weeks with a new baby. 

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The Value of Birth Photography | Grand Rapids Birth Photographer

Over a year ago, I photographed my first birth and have been reflecting and musing recently about the value of birth photography. It has been such a privilege to offer such a unique and important service to women in the Grand Rapids area, and I wanted to share a few reasons why I think birth photography is so valuable.

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Bethany's Birth Story | Grand Rapids Birth Photographer

Bethany's home birth was so special to witness and photograph. It was a healing birth experience for her, after having two cesarean births and a hospital VBAC. Bethany wrote her birth story, and shared it with me. Reading her story after seeing it all unfold before my eyes and through my lens was a privilege. I share it here now, with her permission, in hopes that it is also meaningful to you.

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Giving Tuesday | Shiphrah Birthing Home | Grand Rapids Birth Photographer

Today is #GivingTuesday. If you are looking for an organization abroad that has developed an effective model for community development starting with empowering maternal care, please consider donating to Shiphrah Birth Home.

Shiphrah is making a real difference in the community - and it all starts with supporting and caring for each individual woman and family that walks through the door.

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Black Friday Deals with a Mission | Grand Rapids Birth Photographer

Snag my last openings for winter births, milk baths, and in-home sessions with these Black Friday Deals! I only have a few spots remaining this winter and they are filling up quickly. 

The best part of the deal? Not only are you saving money, but the amount you save will be donated to Shiphrah Birthing Home in the Philippines.

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Maternity Self-Portraits | Grand Rapids Birth Photographer

It's taken me a while to share these images - it turns out that it's far easier to share images of the vulnerable, beautiful, life-changing moments of other people's lives than to share my own.

In the spirit of practicing what I preach, I am sharing these self-portraits that freeze in time the incredible body God has given me to grow this precious and loved baby of ours.

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