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Black Friday Deals with a Mission | Grand Rapids Birth Photographer

Snag my last openings for winter births, milk baths, and in-home sessions with these Black Friday Deals! I only have a few spots remaining this winter and they are filling up quickly. 

The best part of the deal? Not only are you saving money, but the amount you save will be donated to Shiphrah Birthing Home in the Philippines.

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Maternity Self-Portraits | Grand Rapids Birth Photographer

It's taken me a while to share these images - it turns out that it's far easier to share images of the vulnerable, beautiful, life-changing moments of other people's lives than to share my own.

In the spirit of practicing what I preach, I am sharing these self-portraits that freeze in time the incredible body God has given me to grow this precious and loved baby of ours.

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Waiting for Baby Don | Grand Rapids Maternity Photographer

This couple was so thrilled to be anticipating the arrival of their first child. Zarah was absolutely glowing during this entire session - and the late afternoon golden light on UPLB's campus was simply stunning. Green and blue are my favorite colors, so naturally, these photos make me so happy! 

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Waiting for Akira | Grand Rapids Maternity Photographer

On the occasion of Akira's birth, it seems appropriate to finally blog about this beautiful maternity session. My friend Nita and her husband Buyung are dear friends of ours. They are from Indonesia, have lived in the US, and we met in the Philippines! I had the privilege of taking photos of Nita, Buyung, and their daughter Io as they anticipated the arrival of their son - baby Akira. 

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