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I’m Annica, pronounced “AH-nih-cuh.” I’m Linden’s mama and Peter’s wife/partner. I’m passionate about supporting families through the birth process, building authentic community, hearing others’ stories, capturing beautiful moments on camera, and advocating for better pregnancy, birth, and postpartum experiences.

What else should you know about me? My heart is big and right here on my sleeve (2w1), and I’ll happily share good resources with you. I’m passionate about living “green” and I’m not sure I could live without cold brew coffee and vegan mac and cheese.


organic herbal sitz bath postpartum gift

organic products

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Organic. All-natural. Vegan. Environmentally-Conscious. You can feel good about these care products.

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Looking for Community?


Our casual, inclusive group meets in-person a couple times per month. It’s a wonderful place to build community around shared experiences of birth and parenting.


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