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Baby John's First Moments | Grand Rapids Fresh 48 Photographer

I had the privilege of photographing a beautiful new baby and his mother Norlyn just a few moments after she gave birth at Shiphrah Birthing Home (part of Help International Ministries) near Manila, Philippines. Baby John was immediately held skin-to-skin and breastfed within the first hour. It was a joy to capture their bond and share the photos with this family. 

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Waiting for Akira | Grand Rapids Maternity Photographer

On the occasion of Akira's birth, it seems appropriate to finally blog about this beautiful maternity session. My friend Nita and her husband Buyung are dear friends of ours. They are from Indonesia, have lived in the US, and we met in the Philippines! I had the privilege of taking photos of Nita, Buyung, and their daughter Io as they anticipated the arrival of their son - baby Akira. 

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Playtime | Grand Rapids Family Photographer

It was so fun to take photos of my friend and her daughter as they played outside their apartment when I was recently in the Philippines. This little gal takes in the world with such curiosity and fearlessness. She is carefree as her mom works as a midwife at Shiphrah Birthing Home (part of Help International Ministries) nearby. Their bond is so strong, and it was a joy to hang out with them in a place so near and dear to all of us.

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