The birth of your baby will be incredible. As a photographer, it is my goal to document your baby's birth story as it unfolds. Though each birth is different, one thing remains constant: a mother's strength. Even if you don't feel it, images of your baby's birth will tell the true story of your incredible strength and beauty as you bring your baby into the world. It is a honor to enter a woman's birth space - and I take the privilege very seriously. I will be part of your birth team, and yet will remain as invisible as you need. I would love to get to know you and answer any questions you might have about the process and value of birth photography or my role as your birth photographer. 

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Your baby's birth day is a life-changing event - for you, your loved ones, and your baby! Many women have shared with me that the details of that incredible day are often a blur. I experienced this myself and am so grateful for my birth images. I will capture your hard work, your emotions, and your incredible strength as you give birth to your precious child. You will look back on these images and be able to process your baby's birth story in a new way. feel the emotion again, experience the day in a new way, and never have to forget the day that changed your life in the best way imaginable.
— Brittany, birth photography and doula client

Some have told me it would be easier to have their partner, parent, or friend take birth photographs. Learning what to expect during birth and being comfortable in the birth space without interfering takes time and experience. Many photographers, even great photographers, are easily overwhelmed by the process of seeing birth. With a professional birth photographer at your birth, you can be assured that a calm, quiet presence will not distract you or your loved ones from your birth process. My camera is capable of handing low-light situations, without a flash that may disturb your labor. In addition, rather than trying to focus an iPhone or flashing a camera in your face, your partner, supporters, and caregivers will be in your precious photographs (not taking them). What a wonderful gift, because they too are part of your story. 

being ON-CALL

Birth photography is an investment, much like wedding photography. Part of the reason it is more expensive than a newborn studio session or maternity portrait session is that I will be on-call for your birth.

I will go on-call starting two weeks before your estimated date of delivery and will remain on call for you until your baby is born. This means that for up to a month, I will have my phone on me at all times (even during the night!), and will always be within an hour of the place you plan to give birth. You and your partner will keep me informed as you notice changes in your body leading up to your baby's birth day. Once I get "the call" that you are in active labor, I will drop everything (Christmas dinner included) to come and document your labor, delivery, and the first couple hours with your new little one.

Get to know your birth photographer

It is always my preference to meet with you in person to get to know each other before you give birth. Schedule your free consultation if you'd like to meet and discuss your interest in birth photography so that I can answer any questions you might have.


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birth story testimonial

We decided to have a gentle birth with our second son in a wonderful birthing home with amazing and supportive midwives. And so it was important for us to document the whole experience, to be able to look back at that special moment which shows the incredible strength and bravery that all birthing women possess. We have Annica to thank for being part of our birth team and for poignantly capturing our gentle birth experience.
Annica’s photos of our birth have deeply made an impact not just with my husband and I but with family and friends as well. The photos empower us, show and teach us all to embrace birth, to do away with the stigma and fear that come with birth for as long as women can remember. The photos serve as a voice of birthing women all around the world which indeed tell us what we’ve known all along—that women are amazing and that women have profound strength and bravery within themselves. All women after all, are warriors. It takes a village to raise a child, so the proverb goes. But I also believe it takes a village to birth a child into this world, to be surrounded and supported by wonderful and encouraging women and people so that all mothers get the dignified birth they all deserve.
Thank you, Annica, for being part of our village!

- Silay