The Value of Birth Photography | Grand Rapids Birth Photographer


A year and a half ago, I photographed my first birth and have been reflecting and musing recently about the value of birth photography. It has been such a privilege to offer such a unique and important service to women in the Grand Rapids area, and I wanted to share a few reasons why I think birth photography is so valuable.

To me, there are four main reasons that birth photography is wonderful:

1. Your strength and beauty in labor. Labor images are so powerful. I love seeing moms look back at images of especially intense moments and realize how very strong and beautiful they were in those moments. To look back on how hard you worked for your baby is truly profound.

laboring woman strong beautiful

2. The care of your supporters. Your husband, partner, doula, or other caregiver will do all kinds of big and little things to support you during your labor and delivery. Having a birth photograph honors these moments - and your support team will be in your photographs rather than taking them. Here are some images of my incredible husband Peter, midwife Theresa Cramer, and doula Ginger Hollemans. taken by my birth photographer, Kristin Fowler.

3. The first moments with your brand new baby. There is nothing like the first look your baby gives you, the first time they latch, or the reaction on your loved one’s face when it hits them that the baby is finally here. Capturing the emotion of those fleeting moments is priceless.

baby new just arrivedbirth

4. It helps you process your birth story. Giving birth can be a blur - much like a wedding day. There is often so much going on and so many strong emotions. Many women and their partners are so grateful for images from their birth because whether or not the birth was what they hoped for, it helps women and families process their birth story in a new way.

Mikala Web-98.jpg

I am so glad I hired a birth photographer for my own birth, and I get the warm fuzzies whenever a woman or family chooses to do the same for the birth of their little one. I have seen time and time again how important these images will be for them, and am grateful to be able to offer this service!

My doula packages also come with a handful of professional birth images. Interested in having your birth photographed? Contact me to set up a free consultation.