Lily's Fresh 48 | Grand Rapids Newborn Photographer

Welcome home, little one. If you can't tell by these dreamy images, let me tell you: your mom, dad, and older furry siblings adore you. 

Thank you to Kristin Fowler for backing me up for this shoot while I was just a few days postpartum myself.

Fresh 48 sessions, taken a day or two after a baby is born, are so special. The images explain why better than I can - the soft fuzzy newborn hair, parents overflowing with tender love for their tiny child, and the comfort of home where so much growth and so many cuddles will take place over the coming months. Everything is new, and yet somehow this dear child is already profoundly and deeply known.

Congratulations, Lily and Zach! It was an absolute joy to edit your session.

If you are interested in your own documentary newborn session, please don't hesitate to contact me