The Story of Annica Marie Essentials

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I am so excited to announce a new product line called Annica Marie Essentials!

Now available is a postpartum care package called The Care Bundle. This gift box is full of essential self-care items to get you or a mama you love through the first weeks with a new baby. 

After I gave birth to my little Linden, I had dear friends give me tips and tricks for comfort and care for my body and spirit during those first weeks. I honestly don't know how I would have gotten through without some of these comforts. Here's a little glimpse of me when I was freshly postpartum, in my jammies, thinking about little else than resting and soaking in my new baby.

postpartum recovery healing new baby

Not everyone has women around them who have gone before them or are willing to share about this vulnerable phase of the childbearing process. The Care Bundle features helpful products presented in one beautiful gift. It is a perfect way to show that you care about not only the arrival of the sweet baby, but also about the new mama's physical healing and emotional care. It's thoughtful and helpful. The idea is to show her that she is adored during a time that can be overwhelming.

Coming next is a breastfeeding bundle, then some pregnancy and birth bundles too!

Add-ons also available for The Care Bundle:


Send me a message! I'd love to talk to you more about why I am so passionate about these products.