Laura and Her Littles | Grand Rapids Family Photographer

Laura was my first and favorite babysitter growing up. Her parents are close friends of mine, and she got lots of practice mothering my little sister and me while we grew up. Now, to witness her as a mother to her own precious kiddos is such a joy. She and her husband recently moved back to Michigan (!!!) and we took some Mommy & Me photos at Laura's parents house. Their house is full of memories from Laura's childhood (and mine!) and now will hold memories of her children's young years. I'm so happy to present some glimpses of this beautiful family! And I cannot get over that copper-red hair!

boy playing with bubbles
mom and redhead daughter
mom and baby and son outside
big brother and little sister
mom and baby snuggling
mom and red haired baby on front porch
mom and child son front porch
mom and her kids on the front porch
brother admiring red haired baby in the grass
boy on a tricycle mom feeding baby in the background
red haired baby and bottle in the grass