Annie and Arie's Floral Milk Bath | Grand Rapids Baby Photographer

I can't get enough of this session. I burst into tears multiples times while editing these photos. Maybe that's because I've known Annie so long and was so full of joy to hear her birth story and spend time with her and little Arie. It might also be because of the anticipation for my own little one. I'm 16 weeks pregnant, emotions are high, and my heart is so full. 

Floral milk baths are something truly special. When you are surrounded by such beauty, peace, and calm, you can't help but soak in every moment. Warm water has a way of doing that - and when beautiful flowers float all around you, it's inevitable. I'm so excited to be offering this kind of photography - a truly unique experience. A milk bath would be perfect during the last month of pregnancy, in anticipation of a precious baby's arrival. They are also a special time to share with a new baby. Click here for more information about booking your own milk bath. 

I'm sure you'll love these photos as much as I do. It was a joy taking them, Annie and little Arie!

mother and baby milk bath joy
happy baby floral milk bath
floral milk bath sweet baby
baby sunflower floral milk bath
baby bum floral milk bath
sweet kiss floral milk bath
mom and baby floral milk bath
squishy baby floral milk bath sunflowers red yellow
serenity pensive floral milk bath baby mom black and white
mom and baby standing in the window
mom holding baby window light