At Home with Asher | Grand Rapids Family Photographer

We met a wonderful couple when we first moved to the Philippines, but sadly (for us) they moved back to the US shortly after we met. Towards the end of our time living in SE Asia, they came back for an extended visit and I had the pleasure of photographing them with their 6-month old cutie, Asher. We just hung out at the house for the afternoon, and I photographed some of their routines and time spent together. I love documentary photography like this - it's so real!! And this family is stinkin' adorable, so that helps too. :)

family photography at home
diaper change
baby father with toy
dad holding kissing baby
family holding baby
breastfeeding at home mom and dad
holding baby arms
baby wants food
folding blanket in crib
baby in crib
reading baby bible
mom and baby