A Unique and Beautiful Experience

floral milk bath mom and baby sunflowers

Your floral milk bath will result in stunningly gorgeous photographs, but it is also a very enjoyable experience.

Floral milk baths are something truly special. When you are surrounded by such beauty, peace, and calm, you can't help but soak in every moment. Warm water has a way of doing that - and when beautiful flowers float all around you, it's inevitable.

A milk bath is perfect during the last month of your pregnancy, in anticipation of a precious baby's arrival. It is also a special time to share with your new baby.

"I had a fabulous experience taking milk bath photos with Annica. I'd never done anything like that before, but Annica's easygoing, joy-filled personality kept things comfortable and fun throughout our session. I am so pleased with how the photos turned out! I am glad we were able to capture the beauty and magic of a mama's bond with her newborn. I know that I will treasure these photos as my sweet little boy grows up. The entire experience was such a gift!" - Annie
Maternity floral milk bath
joyous floral milk bath photos baby and mom
floral milk bath grand rapids baby
maternity floral milk bath
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