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As spring in Michigan finally approaches, there has been new energy and excitement at Sprout and Blossom.

I’ve refreshed the photographs and content on the website and finished breathing life into a new brand. The organic care products for the childbearing year that I make and sell, including the postpartum Care Bundle, are in a new (prettier) online shop. I’m attending births as a doula and photographer, editing when my 15-month old lets me. Little Feet Classes with Regina are well underway: parents and their babies/toddlers are enjoying time doing fun and formative activities together at The Yoga Studio here in Grand Rapids. Moms are meeting up around town, drinking kombucha at Sacred Springs and visiting the butterflies at Meijer Gardens.

Connection is happening.

Friendships are growing.

I am seeing the “Blossom” side of Sprout and Blossom every week in the community around me.

And it’s awesome.

The photography side of Sprout and Blossom has some exciting things going on too. I’ve got three new birth photography/doula packages, andddddddd…

I’m now offering just-after-birth postpartum MOTHERHOOD sessions! To say I’m in love with this kind of session is an understatement.

Without further adieu…

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documentary photos of your postpartum experience within 48 hours of giving birth

There is something incredibly beautiful to me about the deeply raw, emotional moments of the first few days of motherhood. Life is all snuggles, milk, and eyes welling up. It’s one of the most tender parts of this whole journey. Images of this transformative time are ones that you’ll look back on with reverence, pride, and if you’re like me, you’ll probably cry every time.

For your MOTHERHOOD session, I will gently and quietly photograph your sweet family within 48 hours of your birth. Though similar to a FRESH 48 session, the focus of this session is to capture postpartum as it really is - think dripping colostrum, mesh panties, and skin-to-skin with your baby in bed.

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This type of photography involves me being on call for you leading up to your baby’s birth. That means I can only take a limited number of MOTHERHOOD sessions each month. Contact me if you’re interested!