Little Feet Grand Rapids Baby Class



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3 months to newly walking, with an adult

Bond with your baby and build relationships with other families while you enjoy creative movement activities. The class includes baby rhyming exercises, dance explorations, musical instruments, folk dances, and sensory-rich props. Learn throughout the class about your baby’s development.

  • Enjoy Tummy Time

  • Exercise Baby’s Body

  • Waltz Together

  • Make Shapes

  • Play Instruments

  • Folk Dance

  • Massage Baby

  • Gently Swing Baby in Hammocks

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confidently walking to 3 years, with an adult

Boost every area of your child’s development; social, verbal, physical, and emotional. Have fun exploring dance concepts with props, instruments, obstacle courses, and motor sequences that will refine their motor coordination and develop their musical skills.

  • Open the door to your child’s movement potential now that they are walking!

  • Explore movement with props and instruments

  • Watch their movement skills expand

  • Foster your child’s creativity exploring movement concepts

  • Travel through obstacle courses

  • Lay the foundation for school readiness

All classes are held at The Yoga Studio, inside the Blackport Building.

959 Lake Dr SE #206, Grand Rapids, MI 49506

You can enter The Blackport Building off of Lake Dr (street parking) or Diamond Ave (free parking lot). Once inside, go upstairs, and you’ll see a glass door to the The Yoga Studio. Ask at any of the other businesses if you can’t find it.